We are developing various ultrafast spectroscopy systems such as time-resolved infrared vibrational spectroscopy for exploring a variety of chemical processes. These instruments enable us to measure transient absorption spectra and time-resolved photoluminescence spectra in a wide time range from femto- (10-15) to milli- (10-3) seconds and in a wide range of excitation wavelength from near-infrared to ultraviolet. It is also possible to measure samples under various conditions such as solutions, solids, and powders at low and high temperatures.

Time-resolved spectroscopy system

By combining a variety of ultrashort pulse lasers and detectors, we made it possible to perform time-resolved measurements in a wide range of wavelength and time. Below, the examples of systems for transient absorption spectroscopy in visible and near-infrared regions, time-resolved infrared vibrational spectroscopy, and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy.

Ultrashort pulse lasers

Femtosecond laser (Spectra-Physics, Millennia eV, Tsunami, Empower, Spitfire Ace)

Femtosecond optical parametric amplifier (Light Conversion, TOPAS, TOPAS prime)

Nanosecond laser (EKSPLA, NT242)

Nanosecond laser (Laser-export, TECH-1053)

Detectors for ultrafast spectroscopy

Polychromator (HORIBA, ENTRANS TRIX 190) and
MCT array detector (Infrared Systems Development, IR-0144) (Detectors for mid-infrared light)

Polychromator (JASCO, CT-10TP) and
Visible and mid-infrared multi-channel detectors (UNISOKU Co., Ltd. USP-PSMM-NP, USP-NIR-PDA256H)

Polychromator and streak camera (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. C4334)

Steady state spectroscopy

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, IRPrestige-21)

UV-visible spectrophotometer (JASCO, V-630)

UV-visible spectrophotometer (BAS Inc. SEC2020) and electrochemical analyzer (BAS Inc. ALS600E)

Fiber spectrometer (Lambda Vision Inc. SA-100A-SK20)

High-sensitivity spectrometer and CCD camera (Andor, Kymera 193i-B2, Newton 920P BEX2-DD)


Cryostat for spectrophotometer (UNISOKU Co. CoolSpeK)

Freeze-Pump-Thaw (FPT) cycling system

He-Ne laser

Oscilloscope (Tktronix, Inc. TDS 3054B etc.)

Digital delay generator (Stanford Research Systems, Inc. DG645 etc.)

Digital lock-in amplifier (Stanford Research Systems, Inc. SR830)

Gated integrator and boxcar average (Stanford Research Systems, Inc. SR250 etc.)

Monochromator (JASCO, M10) and Photomultiplier tube (Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. R3788 etc.)

Workstation (HPC SYSTEMS Inc. HPC5000-XSL216TS-Silent)

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